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Department of the Attorney General
Annual Report 2015/16
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Overview of the Agency

Strategic Framework

Our purpose

The Department of the Attorney General provides high quality and accessible justice, legal, registry, guardianship and trustee services which meet the needs of the community and government.

This supports justice outcomes and opportunities for current and future generations.

In particular, the Department directly contributes to a greater focus on achieving results in key service delivery areas for the benefit of all Western Australians.

Our principles and values

We are committed to the Public Sector Code of Ethics principles and subscribe to the values of our Department:

Excellent service - Our client groups have varied service needs. We strive to achieve and maintain credible and professional services to diverse client groups. This is achieved through effective communication and by making services relevant, responsive, accessible, accurate and fair.

Integrity and accountability - We are open, honest, impartial and ethical in our communications and decisions. We take responsibility for our behaviours, which are governed by the legal system, agreed standards and codes.

Equity and fairness - We respect diversity and know that we sometimes have to treat individual members of our staff, the community and client groups differently to reach fair outcomes.

Collaboration and learning - Our people take pride in their work and the value they contribute to the Department. We recognise the knowledge and skills of our people and support their continuous learning and development.

Professional autonomy - We respect the differing professional attributes that are developed and nurtured in our business areas and the rights of our people to provide objective, frank and fearless advice to their clients and the community.

Our roles and services

The Department supports the community, Western Australian Government, judiciary and Parliament through the provision of access to high quality justice and legal services, information and products.

The Department is the agency principally responsible for assisting the Attorney General in developing and implementing Government policy and the administration and compliance with approximately 200 Acts.

The Department has a diverse range of services, which include:

  • court and tribunal services
  • advocacy, guardianship and administration services
  • trustee services
  • birth, death and marriage registrations
  • services to Government, including policy, legal and Parliamentary drafting.

Our services have the potential to affect almost all Western Australians. As such, we work hard to ensure effective:

  • Assistance and infrastructure for the community and judiciary that enables cases to be progressed, orders to be enforced and victims to be supported and counselled.
  • Access to accurate, permanent and confidential records of births, deaths and marriages by the community and Government.
  • Legal advice and legislative preparation are available to help Government service the community.
  • Protection for people with decision-making disabilities and equitable access to trustee services.
  • Strategic policy advice to Government on justice, victims of crime and law and order issues.
  • Departmental services appropriate to the needs of the diverse population of the State.

We also lead and influence justice reform and strategic policy development for the State.

We do this professionally by collaborating internally and with other agencies to efficiently and effectively make our services accessible, timely and relevant to the needs of our client community groups.

We are continuously improving our services to understand and meet client and community needs in a way that reflects their geographic, cultural and demographic diversity.

This includes developing better mechanisms for resolving justice issues, cross-government co-operation that supports better justice outcomes, and developing more efficient business processes and integrated systems.

Our future

We are valued as leaders in developing and delivering justice services, policy and reforms that are significant and sustainable.

Key Result Areas

Service delivery

Improving the quality of our services and the ability of our clients and the community to access them.

Strategic policy development and advice

Providing strategic policy analysis and advice to Government on key reforms in the justice system.

Investing in people

Developing and sustaining our organisational capacity by recognising and developing the skills and expertise of our people.

Last updated: 27-Sep-2016

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