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Annual Report 2015/16
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Agency Performance

Parliamentary Counsel’s Office

The Parliamentary Counsel’s Office provides comprehensive legislative drafting and related services to the State Government, its departments and agencies to ensure that legislation is prepared to give effect to government policy and priorities.

Services provided by the Parliamentary Counsel’s Office include:

  • preparing drafts of Bills for Ministers so they can be introduced into State Parliament in accordance with the Government’s legislative program.
  • preparing drafts of subsidiary legislation for Ministers and Government agencies so the Acts they administer can be fully implemented and properly administered
  • providing legislative drafting services to private Members of Parliament and facilitating the work of parliamentary committees
  • compiling texts of Acts and subsidiary legislation with their amendments incorporated so the laws of the State can be made available in a variety of forms to those who must comply with them and those who must apply and enforce them
  • maintaining and arranging publication of information about the legislation of Western Australia.

Outcomes 2015/16

During the year the Parliamentary Counsel’s Office completed a number of significant drafting tasks to give effect to the State Government’s legislative and policy priorities. These drafting tasks included:

  • Perth Market Disposal Bill 2015, Pilbara Port Assets (Disposal) Bill 2015 and Fremantle Port Assets (Disposal) Bill 2016 to implement the Government's asset disposal programme.

  • Health Services Bill 2016 to reform the governance of the Western Australian health system.

  • Motor Vehicles (Catastrophic Injuries) Bill 2016 to establish a scheme to provide for the lifetime care and support of certain people catastrophically injured in motor vehicle accidents in Western Australia.

  • Noongar (Koorah, Nitja, Boordahwan) (Past, Present, Future) Recognition Bill 2015 and Land Administration (South West Native Title Settlement) Bill 2015 to provide the Noongar people with symbolic recognition as traditional owners of the south-west of Western Australia, and give effect to the South West Native Title Settlement Agreement entered into by the State Government and Noongar people to resolve all native title claims in the south-west of Western Australia.

  • National Electricity (Western Australia) Bill 2016, National Gas Access (WA) Amendment Bill 2016 and Energy Legislation Amendment and Repeal Bill 2016 to implement reforms to the regulation of electricity networks and gas pipelines in Western Australia.

  • Co-operatives Amendment Bill 2015 to achieve consistency with the Co-operatives National Law and allow Western Australian co-operatives to participate in a national regulatory scheme for the registration and regulation of co-operatives.

  • Dangerous Sexual Offenders Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 to improve the ability of authorities to manage known dangerous sexual offenders.

  • Graffiti Vandalism Bill 2015 to create new offences and penalties for graffiti damage and consolidate in one Act other graffiti-related offences and powers.

  • Universities Legislation Amendment Bill 2016 to modernise Western Australian legislation relating to universities.

  • Road Traffic Amendment (Impounding and Confiscation of Vehicles) Bill 2016 to provide additional powers to confiscate vehicles used to commit “hoon” offences.

  • Misuse of Drugs Amendment (Search Powers) Bill 2016 to provide Western Australian Police with additional powers to conduct targeted searches for prohibited drugs.

The Parliamentary Counsel’s Office continued to provide legislative drafting services to private Members of Parliament and six Bills drafted for private members were introduced during the year.

The Parliamentary Counsel’s Office also completed the drafting and publishing of more than 350 items of subsidiary legislation. Significant items of subsidiary legislation included:

  • Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015
  • Rail Safety National Law (WA) Regulations 2015
  • Associations Incorporation Regulations 2016
  • Retirement Villages Amendment Regulations 2016
  • Electricity (Network Safety) Regulations 2015
  • Motor Vehicle (Catastrophic Injuries) Regulations 2016
  • On-demand Transport Regulations Amendment Regulations 2016
  • Prisons (Prison Officers Drug and Alcohol Testing) Regulations 2016
  • Young Offenders (Custodial Officers Drug and Alcohol Testing) Regulations 2016
  • Health Services (Health Service Providers) Order 2016
  • Attorney General Regulations Amendment (Fees) Regulations 2016.

Last updated: 27-Sep-2016

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