Other Financial Disclosures

Ministerial Directives

No ministerial directives.

Pricing Policy of Services

The pricing policy adopted across the Department conforms with Treasury guidelines.

Court and Tribunal Services

Fees are collected for a variety of services. This includes court hearing time, transcripts and the enforcement of orders including infringements lodged at the Fines Enforcement Registry for enforcement by various Prosecuting Authorities.

The cost recovery is largely confined to the civil jurisdictions.

A review of fees is conducted annually to ensure a balance between the criteria of access to justice, incentives to settle and user pays contributions.

Court fees were increased in 2015/16 by an average of 12 per cent.

This was published in the Government Gazette on 19 June 2015 and came into effect on 1 July 2015.

Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages

The fees charged by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages are reviewed annually.

The pricing aims to achieve full cost recovery and takes into account the Consumer Price Index, the cost of providing and maintaining services and the level of fees charged by other Australian registries for similar services.

Six fees charged by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages were increased on 1 July 2015 by an average of 6 per cent to maintain full cost recovery.

Public Trustee

The Public Trustee collects fees for a variety of services.

The fees are based on a user pays system adopting a work effort methodology, whilst recognising the Public Trustee’s operating subsidy obligations in terms of a client’s ability to pay.

The Public Trustee’s hourly rate was increased by 9 per cent in 2015/16.

State Solicitor’s Office

The State Solicitor’s Office charges client agencies for various legal services that are non-core in nature. These fees are based on hourly rate charges and are struck to reflect no more than cost recovery.

The fees were increased by 2 per cent in 2015/16.

Major Capital Works

Capital project in progress

No major capital projects valued over $5 million were in progress in 2015/16.

Capital projects completed

Fitzroy Crossing Courthouse

Funding from Royalties for Regions was approved in 2011/12 for the replacement of the court facility at Fitzroy Crossing.

This $5.1 million courthouse commenced operations on 15 September 2015.

The replacement Courthouse has a direct connection to, and complements the replacement police station, completing a justice precinct within the township.

Last updated: 27-Sep-2016
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