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Annual Report 2015/16
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Agency Performance

Key Performance Indicators

The key performance indicator (KPI) results showed the Department continued to work towards achieving the KPI targets set in the 2015/16 budget statements.

The Fines Enforcement Registry’s positive results validated that appropriate systems, procedures and resources remain in place to enforce fines, costs and infringement penalties in a timely manner. The percentage of fines and costs satisfied within 12 months of referral to the registry was better than target by four per cent. Similarly, the percentage of infringements satisfied within the same period was also better than target by one per cent.

The time to finalise non-trial matters indicator is used in the Family Court to measure the capacity of the court to resolve applications for final order by methods other than by a formal trial. In 2015/16, the indicator’s result was 11 weeks above target due in part to the reallocation of magistrates to trial work and the continued growth in volume and complexity of parenting applications finalised. Applications seeking parenting orders take longer to finalise and represent more than 60 per cent of the Family Court non-trial matters.

The Supreme Court civil continued to achieve positive results where the time to finalise non-trial matters was one week better than target. In the District Court criminal jurisdiction, the median time between initial committal and the first trial date achieved the target of 32 weeks.

In August 2015, the Registry of Births, Deaths and mrriages completed a significant data conversion project where more than two million paper-based records were converted into an electronic format. This project greatly improved certificate and registration services which is demonstrated by the registry performing better than target for both the accuracy of its source records and timeliness of the delivery of certificates.

The Parliamentary Counsel’s Office continued its strong support to the Government’s legislative and reform agenda by drafting 59 bills or 98 per cent of legislation in a timely manner. Twenty-four government agencies participated in a survey on the delivery of services by the State Solicitor’s Office and the responses showed a 100 per cent satisfaction rating.

The complete details of key performance indicators are provided in the Disclosures and Legal Compliance Key Performance Indicators section.

Last updated: 27-Sep-2016

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