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Department of the Attorney General
Annual Report 2015/16
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Other Financial Disclosures

Governance Disclosures

Unauthorised Use of Credit Cards

Purchase cards provide an efficient mechanism for the purchase of goods and services.

Officers of the Department hold a Departmental purchase card where their functions warrant usage of this facility.

Despite of having an obligation to utilise the card facility in accordance with policy, only for business purposes, during 2015/16 six employees utilised the purchase cards for private purposes.

The matters were referred to the Chief Finance Officer and the accountable authority in line with Departmental policies.

A summary of the aggregated amounts of personal use expenditure is as follows:

Amount2016 $
Settled with 5 working days   71
Settled after 5 working days  214
Outstanding   -
Aggregate amount of personal use expenditure   285

Compliance with Sector Standards and Ethical Codes

The Department complied with the Public Sector Standards in Human Resource Management, the Code of Ethics and the Department’s Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct outlines the ethical principles, obligations and standards applying to staff. It aims to instill the values of “respect, integrity, unity and diversity, justice and collaboration” in all staff.

The code specifies standards of behaviour and helps inform employees how to exercise judgement and accept personal responsibility in their professional roles.

Completion of a training program on ethics and accountability became mandatory for all employees in 2010/11.

By 2015/16, 87 per cent of staff enrolled in training on ethical conduct and public sector standards, an online assessment course, completed the training.

This training informs and serves to remind staff of the importance placed upon ethical behaviour.

Additionally, regular items on the Department’s intranet news page provide examples, topical stories and links to other key sources of information in the field of corruption prevention.

Corruption Prevention

The Department emphasises effective corruption prevention. Training of the workforce about the potential for corruption is given priority and a range of practical measures support the vigilance.

The 2011-2016 Fraud and Corruption Control Plan identifies key strategies, actions and responsibilities for managing fraud and corruption risks within the Department. The Plan is reinforced by policies on corruption prevention, gifts and conflict of interest in employment. The Department reports quarterly on the offer and acceptance of gifts, benefits and other rewards.

During 2015/16 offers of 199 gifts, including hospitality, were registered. 149 gifts were accepted and most were under $50 in value. A record is also maintained of staff registering conflicts of interest and secondary employment. In 2015/16 a total of 287 registrations were received, with 286 approved.

Social Media Policy

The Department implemented the Social Media Policy which established a clear set of requirements for the use of social media. The Department recognises that staff may choose to use social media in their personal life. Social media may also be used for official interests and professional interests. The policy does not intend to discourage nor unduly limit the personal interests of staff or their undertaking of online activities.

Financial Interests

At the date of reporting, other than normal contracts of employment of service, no senior officers had any interests in existing or proposed contracts with the Department.

Last updated: 27-Sep-2016

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